Teaser Time #1

Teaser Time prende spunto da Teaser Tuesday, ma con qualche piccola differenza per adattarla alle mie esigenze. Mi piacerebbe infatti condividere con voi alcuni dei passaggi che mi hanno particolarmente colpito della lettura in corso!

Oggi vi lascio con alcuni teaser tratti dall'ultimo libro che ho letto, ovvero The Falconer :D

I will always remember him this way. Strong, unyelging to the very end.
Against all my instincts, I turn away and leave him there.

"Why do we care about what these people think, anyway?" Derrick mutters. "They're idiots. But, if you want, I can make them say hello to you. I haven't used my powers on anyone in a long time and now that I think of it, I rather miss it."
"We shoud be polite," I say pointdly through gritted teeth, though I don't feel amaible at all.
"Just being honest."

His grin is slow, downright seductive. "I knew it since the day I pulled you out of that river."
"That you would always challenge me."

Che ne pensate? Avete letto The Falconer o pensate di dargli una possibilità?


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